No, there is not – however you must have passed the “B” Car Licence Test already.

Yes you can – there are some quite demanding vehicle requirements for the test. Please contact us if this is something you are considering and we can forward the criteria that needs to be met.

Tests are carried out at  Large Goods Vehicle Test station. This is because the reversing exercise needs to be undertaken on a large off road area.

As a general assistance it can comes down to the amount of previous towing experience you have, but the driving skills are just as important as your towing ability. If you passed your category B driving test some years previously it is normal to have picked up some undesirable habits !!

We usually have a waiting time of around 4-6 weeks from initial enquiry to the date of your course. Most courses are run between Mon-Fri as the Test centres are usually only open on those days. There are tests available on Saturdays at some centres.

The examiner will take your current driving licence and a new one with the B/E category will be issued within 2/3 weeks. You are permitted to drive and tow immediately following your test though with your Pass Certificate.

It’s usually just a case of re-booking you in for a “Re-Test” session lasting 3-4 hours (including 1.5 hrs for the test itself). You do have to wait 3 clear days before taking the re-test.

Yes…have an up to date copy of the Highway Code and revise well. Refresh yourself on the rules of the road, especially things like roundabouts and all junctions. You will be expected to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code during your test.

Courses can be booked and paid for with Bank transfer or cheque. Test fee and deposit are required.

2 candidates to 1 trainer is the max.

Yes, if you pass you will only gain an entitlement to tow with an automatic vehicle.

The B+E Licence will allow a Gross weight combination of 7000kgs (7 Tonnes). This is limited though to 3500kg for the vehicle and 3500kg for the trailer. You must also make sure you do not exceed the maximum towing limit of your vehicle too.

No, the B+E test is like any DVSA Driving Test with a Pass or Fail result both possible.

The national average pass rate is approx 52% (according to government figs 2014) – However our pass rate has averaged over 75%.

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